a moment in the sea or other action
Peter Giebel

the waves were the waves that were a thousand years ago

writing so lawless

hill blocks view

toward which the action of the sea is directed

you put a letter in the mailbox and you open it
again to see that it’s gone

the instrument of whale bone

only resistance

what of code

the horror

without a door
it doesn’t end

for a long time

“What’s this? Fucking magic?”

I found a moth inside my mailbox

and it flew at me

like thinking

about my eyes moving inside
my head when I read

the oracle

dissolved as everywhere

L.19 Strange flavor vegetable with chicken finger

the machine

sans salt, the corridor

of elegant madness

slid out on the ice she turned to me and said
“wouldn’t have minded an accident if it weren’t that it was new”

coast, six miles of bone

in so many words

the amputee

I pay for every word

we stare at

for years


Peter Giebel is a writer and educator living in Denver, CO. In 2014, he received his MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming from A Bad Penny Review, Bodega, The Destroyer, Drunken Boat, Lana Turner and elsewhere.