Water Everywhere
Sue Owen

Too much heavy rain when
this rain came and then too
many drops of rain,
like the tears that came

after the long pain of too
many days of this rain.
Too many flooded streets
to make the pain worse.

Too many flooded houses.
Too many rooms in which
the water kept rising
up over chairs, tables, beds,

and dreams, in fact, too
much water that seeped
in, so that every minute
and hour became soggy,

bogged down by the weight
of too much of this rain.
Too many cloudy days in
a row and too many trees

dripping, too many birds
so wet they didn’t dare fly.
Too much rain on the roof
with its relentless pounding.

Too much persistence by
this water as it increased
the leaking and flooding.
Too much damage to the soul.