Various Boners
Joe Sacksteder

Drive One

What would it take for me to put [you] into a Ford today. We have many Fords here, and I would do anything to put [you] into one of them. Consider what I’m saying. I would really like to put [you]. What would it take. I have put several people into Fords already today. People like [you]. They too were hesitant at first, claimed that they were just looking, but now all of them are in Fords. Where they have been put by me. I put them in Fords. But it’s [you] I’m interested in. It was always [you], only [you]. So I ask again: What would it take. [You]’ve been wondering when was the day that [you] would finally get put. It’s today, it’s a Ford, it’s me.

Face it. [You]’re going to get put into something. Whether a Ford or basically the same thing.

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