Chinatown Sonnets $9
52 pages. 5″ x 7″. May, 2017. NDR.

Winner of our 6th Annual Chapbook Contest and selected by Douglas Kearney, Dorothy Chan’s Chinatown Sonnets is a dazzling and sharp take on romanticizations of Chinatown. Wrought with irony, wit, and unapologetic glut, this collection revels in neon aftermath. Crafted with love and searing attention to detail, the chapbook also comes with a maneki-neko bookmark designed by Meghan Pyle-Saas. Norman Dubie applauds the work, saying “This is a very smart pilgrim’s passage through an illusory pageant of abundance that sets up with the finest Medieval values and intelligence a dilemma where the jewel and its matrix are one and the same! Here, Chinatown is the last precious plastic ornament from childhood and at once an amazing celebration of the pleasures we take from simply being alive in the astonishing here and now. This is a wonderful collection.”

Chinatown Sonnets Front and Back Cover

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