Wild gestures on deep violet swirl stains. Always one lil scared face. Carefully painted. Like its been stuck on with glue. Afterthought. Princess Careful in foreground. Like laxatives. The Vivian Girls. Currin tits. Hairy circles. Shitfoot. Too pronounced. Curve more acute. Long longing arms. Lil stiff legs. BEGGAR. BLEEDER. LIAR. LOLLER. Prefer this: SHITSTACK SHITSTACK. Make it more like an echo of something real. Traumatic furniture. PTSD upholstery. Wool cat’s cradle. 3 is the magic number. Red like its on fire. The flat roundness kinda lends itself to upwards objects. That’s the many cursed faces of the omni-moon. Above the Tiny Monolith. Fabric. Salt dough. That’s scary Hastings – minus the sea! That’s a monolith – by the sea. That’s a neck – with 4 heads. That’s a fishing hut – not a monolith. That’s a monolith – not the sea. That’s a dead thing – alive alive oh! When I open my mouth all the rubbish pours out and my brain is left clean n serene. No arms in red PVC. Features drawn on in biro. Your vagina is a weeping rabbit hole. Face is just features sewn on with red silks. Shame rabbit. Small blue rabbit. Knitted. White pom pom tail. Check out the velveteen rabbit. Votive offering. Drawn n written over in biro. She’s a shit (brick) stack (house). It wants to go high. It wants me to make it WOW tall shiny. Wtf is it. Deliberately ugly. Deliberate mistakes. Lol – this sculp is hilarious (an ugly mistake). Wonky structure. Cod-Rothko. Rothko in biro still appeals. Unstuffed dog dicks. (Top half) unstuffed. Get beyond the grave. Hit the air ugly. So phallic i’m snoring. Congratulation – – ur online presence is vomitous. All shit off shit foot. Okay so I keep it all same colour is better – all pink – a curvy extension or 2 as originally intended – not stupid random red n yellow bits! Draw shape & do it! Heart-shaped arsehole. Sew PVC heart on front circle. It lies on its side. Or on the red thing. The push-me pull-me. The cull-me cuddle-me of the call-meto- you & the terrifying smell of downstairs. Heartsease. Love-in-idleness. Jacques-jump-up-and-kiss-me. Love is hate. (Bad Friday.) That was the bad week that was. Supplicant. DOGGY BAG. Wet Look Experience. Doggy handle. DOG DICK. DOG HANDLE. DOGGED. UNDERDOGGY. It was a sculpture w/out a title. Scarlet sash round the waist, symbol of chastity. Scarlet ribbon round the neck, symbol of revolution. Transparent empire line dress, symbol of duh. Sexcrime. Thoughtcrime. Bonecrime. Crime of passion. Crimebone. I MISS MY HANDSOME ESCORTS. Gold shoes. Red shoes. White shoes. Blue shoes. Pointed toes tracing the stars. Spiked heels stabbing the dirt. Blood red handkerchief. Round your neck. This is not a poem, cunt face. Grey velvet might be better than blue. Long pointy shoe. Not lookin at you. Paintings like Disney. Oh Unlucky! Unlucky one. Blue rabbit is an Unlucky Blue Rabbit. Very Love You <3 Coming to terms with – age – death – loss – the terms shift constantly. In clear perspex boxes. Sleep beauty sleep. Very large empty clear perspex boxes – ‘sealed’. With one unlucky one in there. Moral panic and her shadow. RED FINGER. BAD FINGER. Badly Fingered. Fingered badly. Feathers sewn on. Or white headed pins stuck in. Shit leg. Dirty Needle. Shit needle. Dirty leg. Bad leg. Hospital bracelets. Name tags of kids I don’t know. Me. Penny. Very me. Me becoming. Another Me. Dreamt a clotheshorse, with grey jumper draped. Unlucky. Unloved. The lost ones. The unlucky ones. The 4gotten ones. The hidden ones. SHITBAG. Like The Woman Who Fell to Pieces. Dreamt Blake Butler gave me lump of pot and wen he asked 4 it back Christian had smoked it all. Blake was v unhappy – Christian was v stoned – I was lookin for an antidote on the brightly-lit back seat of Blake’s car. Like lil fragile transparent coffin. Or – its own furniture. Bibi’s baby booties. Clear perspex monolith. Sew heart on supplicant smaller or bigger. Red finger. Bad finger. Ring finger. BLU RABIT IS RILLY FUKD UP. HELLO (PLS T8K ME HOM). GOODBUY. HELP. HALP. HULP ME NECROTOY. Tears of blood manifesto. Dead bird. Dead bird on your shoulder. No-one but us will ever know what it felt like to be alive in 2016. Elvis impersonator at the foot of my bed. Even the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages was tolerant by current standards. All I can see is: red on white, pale on pale, emeralds on purples. Delicate like needlepoint on lace. Semi-divine. Fuckin huge tail and not much else. Except very long legs.







Cover credit: Penny Goring, ‘Shitfoot #3’, 2016. PVC, toy filling, vintage Sylko cotton thread.
Photo: Sarah Boulton.

Penny Goring is an artist and poet. She lives in London. pjgoring.tumblr.com.