Editorial Staff

Editor-In-Chief/Managing Editor: Craig Brandhorst
Poetry Editors: Mike D. Walter and Eric Elliott
Fiction Editors: Bobbi Parry and Shane Noecker
Nonfiction Editor: Claire Dixon
Fundraising Manager: Emilie Staat
Art and Layout Director: Vincent Cellucci
Readers: Andrew Baneker, Penelope Dane, Sukanya Gupta, Jamey Hatley, Ben Lowenkron, Brent Newsom, Jennifer Nunes, Kristen Sanders, Chris Shipman, Tanja Stampfl
Faculty Advisors: Randolph Thomas, James Wilcox

Contributors (in order of appearance)

Ray Donley
Margaret B. Ingraham
Elton Glaser
James Scruton
Cindy May Murphy
Anthony R. White
Joshua D. Kalscheur
Lowell Jaeger
Timothy Geiger
Adam Vines
Jim Goar
Karrin McCadden
Sean Prentiss
Mark Peebles Brown
Mary Marcus
John Mulderig
Emilie Staat
Bobbi Parry
Jason Dupuy
Mark Powell