NDR Vol. 27 $10
261 pages. 2010, NDR 


Fiction from (in order of appearance) Maggie Anderson, David James Poissant, Sequoia Nagamatsu, Sarah Domet, Kathy Flann, Karin C. Davidson, Jim Ruland, Rob Davidson; poetry from Joe Wenderoth, Robert Savino Oventile & Sandy Florian, Sam Pink, Janice N. Harrington, Jaydn DeWald, Allison Layfield, Stacie Leatherman, Daniel Gutstein, Jared Walls, S.E. Smith, Jared Stanley, Gregory Sherl, Ben Kopel, Pack Browning, Peter Harris, Brenna W. Lemieux, Jennifer L. Knox, Matthew Schwartz, Erin Elizabeth Smith, Mary McMyne, Benjamin Haas, Chancelier “xero” Skidmore, Fani Papageorgiou, Kathleen McGookey, Sharon Charde, Heather Ross Miller, Allen C. Fischer, Anthony Kellman, Mark Spitzer; nonfiction from Bobbie Darbyshire, Jennifer Jean Nuerenberg, Peggie Shinner, Melissa Leavitt, Dinty W. Moore, and Susana Chávez-Silverman; an interview with David Newman; and Book reviews of Monsier Pain by Roberto Bolaño (Joseph Riipi), the defense of nonfense by Megan A. Volkert (Matt Erik Katch), God’s Gym by Lean de Winter (Rachel Van Sickle), Cure All by Kim Parko (James Claffey), Do Something! Do Something! Do Something! by Joseph Riipi (Andrew H. Banecker), and ULULU: Clown Shrapnel by Thalia Field (Jennifer Tamayo).


NDR Spring 2010















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