Precise in density & the smell of the earth in them

           where once would
       ship        or       letter now I who

                             am cultured vpn espe
              cially 7
                                    day free
                                trial—— today I’m         just

    almost on sale
               aunty says o way         unripe
                                             in air something
                                  makes Shanghai
                                                           nese uncurl
           loose leaf be
                        cultured ferm

     ented beans & dreams
                                    the youth are & harm
                                                         onius as fat river



2 plastic bowls
           heaped resin noodles
    magnet & mini sea                      food a throaty
                                                 spit        then you’d
                    could infact
                 live on WeChat

                                          (but look you’d
                                 wear a QR code every

one selfies like Lu Xun—
     I know
                                 his death mask
                         just there—            bringing feel of free

           fast brought shot of be cultured
                                       of the odd free
                                                    trial’s just 7—





Is Chinatown your eternal burden?
Limitless like the universe?

           I’d gnaw
     your leg, China

                                    town says,         monkey
                            fat on back

                                          ing poetry-
                like, like such
    tumorous pink
                                crystal &
               red, thick velvet
                                                        every single
                                                where I

                                 I double-
                           boiled         agent

                         change, worry
                                the bone of you,




Tse Hao Guang (謝皓光) is a Singaporean poet and editor, assembled with parts from Hong Kong and Malaysia. His first full-length poetry collection, Deeds of Light, was shortlisted for the 2016 Singapore Literature Prize. He is a 2016 fellow of the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program, and the 2018 National Writer-in-Residence at Nanyang Technological University. He has poems in Pain, Minarets, Big Other, Hotel, Asian American Writers’ Workshop, Sand, AJAR, Illanot Review, High Chair, Entropy, Third Coast, and Prairie Schooner.