Hot you believe in god, belief shows you’re capable of worship.
Hot machines simultaneously cleaning
Belief we have in every stubborn god.
Belief — capability in stubbornness.

My iPhone 6S autocorrects dildo to fulfill, so
Romantic here on Earth, we can spread our hand-rolled butter
On our bread, we can eat





Worship — I want you to know what kind of
Worship — my worship — lick each branch
                                             every leaf all leaves

Worship — legs clinging each branch
Worship —
                                               please god never leave me


Worship — I’m covered in saliva
                                               & out of soap. I’m
Wondering if you’re anyone with capability





Worry / the line
you translated:
I love you as much
as I hate you? /

life so quickly
becomes forever /
my brain’s fistfighting my brain!
Worry / my brain
leaves myself only
our usual defences:
trying hard
to stay clean
off clinging /
can you show me how to breathe
correct? I’m constantly
swallowing salt.
I’m out of soap,
I hate as much
as I love you,
I love as madly
as I hate,

I’m out of quarters
so I ask an angel
& look up





Love / can I do laundry at your place?
Love / falling into

Every reason for believing in any
God / I heard a rumor

I spent $500 on two sets of linen sheets /
I heard a rumor there’s a lot of

Water on the moon.


Listen to the poet read “Laundromat Sexting (One-Four)”



Margaret Yapp is from Iowa City, Iowa. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Post Road Magazine, Peach Mag, Apartment Poetry & elsewhere. Margaret is an MFA candidate at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.