Re: attending to the bear

I want, I went to eye the thing, I went to sea, I wanted to
see the octopuses throwing themselves up the water, so I
will go to see the sandman and stand up for the holding
pattern. I went to see a man about a bear; I want
anywhere to see a man a book. I went to see a man
about a beast, a rabbit nose to inside the elbow, the bluest
rabbit knows how to burrow thoroughly, so let the brute
lie a little while under the soil, she will still be blue come
march man. I want to see a woman about a boat, read
the envelope and address the traveling event over the
water over there over everywhere. I went to see a man
about a pear drenched in the now dried blood of whales,
the nightmare set beside the silverware on the table all
the prayers are brutal, all the experiments are all that
there is. I wanted to see and I was seen by the bear.


“green of the rough caress of ritual”*
after Anne Carson’s Bakkhai

To grass and grow. We hear sour with our ears, sure,
reassure. Return to it is all lemons and vinegar, lemons
and mess and mice. It is all vinegar and balsamic,
vinegar and cucumber and niceness. Sour opposite
mouse melons. Bitter taste receptors are found in the
sinuses, fond of the sign. Here in the inner ear are hairs.
Sour apple taste protein, oh top one keeps the minuscule
crystals of calcium carbonate from the sour monster.
Sour apple sour gummy bears come from germany only.
Sand on gray does not show the former wife of the white
rabbit yet, he let me write on the irony a developmental
biologist dying of ovarian cancer that one time. I was
examined by grief herself. Sitting on the other side of
the door as my advisor argued with grief, grief was also a
doctor of philosophy in cell biology, see the ritual irony?
The white rabbit died of lung cancer less than a year
later, white rabbit, white sand, right gold rabbit? The
time I saw a pineapple on the side of the road, white
bear, white tattoo, sour tattoo written on the body: return
to pineapple gummy. It is the right of irony to return to
the pineapple gummy again.




Julia Rose Lewis is the author of Phenomenology of the Feral (Knives Forks and Spoons Press 2017). She and James Miller co-authored Strays (Haverthorn 2017). She has published three pamphlets: Zeroing Event (Zarf Poetry 2016), Exhalation Halves Lambda (Finishing Line Press 2017), and How to Hypnotize a Lobster (Fathom Books 2018).

*Line originally appears in Anne Carson & Euripides’ Bakkhai  available at New Directions (December 2017)