Nothing unexpected except the sun one holding the end of the last thing in it

comparing it to you the fit likewise but to say what is the register and I am sick

long lounge lunge the padding I remember it was about conversation any kind at all

don’t want them the poems indistinguishability rehabbed dream of the sea don’t do

sorry sorry sorry my tooth closed in on I know how to ask by standing still

quickly settled on an outskirt the light clinging thinking I’ll let it do me nothing

the whelming fucked by the outside of thinking welcome welcome welcome welcome

day burning into night the boat tied the arms swift the sun the beads of water

join me I say it’s the hotel I mean it’s the hotel’s pressurized afterward lobby the padding

we cut it hard didn’t we no regrets the world flapping by baby baby the heart in motion

the beads of water accounted slip down there too and through it in it the promise

it’s the last thing say it lover yes the done undone yes and snow in the mountains.






Ryo Yamaguchi is the author of The Refusal of Suitors, published by Noemi Press. His poetry has appeared in journals such as Denver Quarterly, Gulf Coast, and Bennington Review, and his book reviews and other critical writings can be found in outlets such as the Boston Review and Michigan Quarterly Review. He lives in Seattle where he works at Wave Books. Please visit him at