+     +     +


i want in want’s audience
the so-soft & feminized gasses

of civilization—ah—stags
swarm in synchronicity, a staged

dissection of hard & plush currencies—trade
qua trade on the face of things, i

sit on the face of things, immaculate
the fear the fear the fear the fear—cheer

not the darling pucker
i smothered in love’s ugly

cutlets, shoveling blub
into my ween-wilde bouche

OOF—finger on my mouse hole
inspected infectious squelching shinola

crying whát i dó is me: for that i came
í c’est mórph: the must man’s thrust is

is thrall—all in daddy’s graces growing
galore, womping galore in my hyperspace

my hyperself—it speaks in spellsssssss
ensorcels me—oh—in the moan light


a rose + is eros + is arrows


a wormhole opens
& the men who made me

mash—this beasty skin
we species in, stabled

& shorn, blinkered
to moral in ymage’s mold

the past—all plastered cast
cracked, & thru the slit comes

a fist of flowers, flaming sworde
deformed transformed—all musclesprung

to labor love, the rough
factory of flesh invents itself

a representamen—fetish’d
& hung scum suckers dumb scruff’d

my rude forensics, pluck up
in the frightened zones

of my theater—meatslung
selves carried off

in shards—all false heads
of beauty’s cooing orphic

a langue lost iiiiii

this is a song
& this is too—
+     +     +
ooh baby do you know what that’s worth
ooh heaven is a place on earth
ooh heaven is a place on earth
ooh heaven is a place on earth
ooh heaven is a place on earth




shelley feller is a former figure skater and current MFA candidate at the University of Alabama, where they serve as managing editor of Black Warrior Review.