subject called leviathan spear
now why are we doing this bc.
i have seen this spirit on the borderlands—
so many people’s lives & i am just really feel—
from the lord that i shd teach it this spirit what does it ever does other . . .
things i’m convinced it’s a cause a divorce . . .
tribal wars church let’s family feud sibling rivalries—
ministries breaking up it is more responsible i believed in—
any other sphere if you have in yr. bloodline . . .
any mex blood for instance i’m not meskin—
where shd the server cracking down many down
but you might want to renounce & repent for their generational
make pretty if you are for mexies
& he you might have browns just letting you bleed
those who never asked any lead anyway you need to repaint for this
be four you begin to deal w. this fear bc. it’ll be very
active in yr. kentuck’ bloodline—
we know that someone’s alive can . . .
operate in an appalachicano
if it has meant not been dealt w. as a territory a spirit
from &



Steven Alvarez is the author of The Codex Mojaodicus, winner of the 2016 Fence Modern Poets Prize. He also authored the novels in verse The Pocho Codex (2011) and The Xicano Genome (2013), both published by Editorial Paroxismo. He has also authored two chapbooks, Six Poems from the Codex Mojaodicus (2014, winner of the Seven Kitchens Press Rane Arroyo Poetry Prize) and un/documented, kentucky (2016, winner of the Rusty Toque Chapbook Prize). Follow him @chastitellez on Twitter and @stevenpaulalvarez on Instagram.