Two Poems
Alexandria Peary


fall foliage called bathers and dancers

sprigs of v and y hold up an orange hillside

that billows as a tent, the letters bone-dry

if you take the landscape view ________

_________ if you take the portrait view



(a) ruins of an alphabet

or (b) a reclining giant

of boulders at the edge of

olive trees and grape vines.


in a fall foliage of bathers & dancers

a black vine of notes drops out of an oboe

that causes the circle of trees to spin

and makes drop-down grapes


“                        ” on the joy, the life,

on an acid-pink phrase, on a tangerine phrase.

In a park for picnickers who kiss,

split-tailed birds are flown like kites:


(a) upper rubble

of (b) tv antennae, crosses, spires, wires

penciled-in words or (c) a face of patches,

graffiti of pollen at the base.

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