Annie Won

we don’t talk about how heaven’s voice has hell behind it. we talk
about atoms. people are atoms. places are atoms. movement is
atoms. atoms move like principles. He is the heisenberg principle. He
is place or direction, not both. when He moves, we do not speak.
when He sits, nothing moves. when things break, He consumes
them. it tastes like clockwork. either way, the cheshire cat smile. its
brightness drowns the sound. it is brittle, like candy, or rot. it is an
isotopic particle. it is stronger than uranium. it is a violent fall. the sun
is just another star. it is He, and He is the wall. there are many walls,
but i am the keyhole. the wall is so small. i have to squint. i must see
Him. i must see. it is so dark. He does not move, but sometimes He
does. either way, you’d never know.