Blake Lee Pate

there’s some dissonance           in my belly           in the morning               Exo-Girl crawls
out with a frown   her hair is dirty she says         look      at you!   you’ve lost
weight                 she’s a gorgeous little                thing                  will always be
with me    hypo-visceral             & always           telling me I’m too far                 in
Exo-Girl                 growinga period        calling me baby                a little    life in
a cymbal dings in my belly                    & I am not trite                 I can shed my skin now         see

Exo-Girl?           can your arm fit inside your stomach          yet?    how can you want
me         pinching at you skinny   sounds             like a mother                      like half a girl
or less                  light                   like a piece of cracked wheat                       in the kitchen    soufflé

she exhales in my throat                pulls & presses behind my eyes my belly                  goes
down                   so to speak            she’s got a new set of fishnets               surprise, my fishnet hair
is missing                 I’d feel much better with my mouth    shut      Exo-Girl, assuming the position
is fetal                excavate your       selves!         she yells        evacuate!