Rabbit Needs a Makeover
Farren Stanley

A clavicle not a keyhole.                   Can you find me a new article?

A moon that won’t swing?


Dirty vacant. Fabric fletched


in every single direction. Honey in the hair.            Little dumb

fingers. Frantic.


The action is one of release,

or lewdness.


Can’t ignore the scent                        around clothing. Can’t shake

the feeling of being

shaken. A Dogwood is not a Cherry




and a third mistake is not

a charm. Invocation                           against desire:

shred the sheets, a hearth to sweep,

words to censer. I love your
barrettes, those sea shells as battering rams. If you want it in you

you can scratch it out of the rich loam


yourself. Removal activates


dread. Of the animal? Of the angel.

Sometimes I can feel the eyes of the abyss turn on me.