I’m HungryI Love You
Marian Kaplun Shapiro

Here I am! I’m hungry! I’m crying!
Pay attention to me. I’m hungry!
Listen to me! I need you! Feed me now!
Olen nalkainen. Listen! Listen
better! Είμαι πεινασμένος! Listen harder!
아, 배고프다! πεινασμένος! 我餓了! You
are the only one. I am the only one.
אני רעב! I’m crying as loud as I can.
J’ai faim! Tá mé ocras!
Hurry up. Estou com fome. Don’t you
remember? You were a baby too,
once upon a time. Ako gutom!
I’ve tried everything I know.

I love you! You’re the one! Ég
er svöng! (Jeg elsker dig). (Rakastan
sinua) (Σ ‘αγαπώ) You will love me,
you’ll see that tengo hambre in
my cries, my tears will hurt you, and
you’ll say 당신을 사랑합니다
and te quiero and ibig ko sa inyo
with all your mommydaddy’s heart.
My eyes say אני אוהב אותך. You smile,
tired though you are. And answer me
Je t’aime, is breá liom tú,
eu te amo and 我愛你.