Derek Gromadzki

                                                                       Milestones  mark  rove to fall-we-down
                                                   fall we…  we plead
                                                            strew  pleadings  gutter  to  slip
                                               and  slip
                                                       stutter  for  north  to  show
                                                                                       toward  morning.
                                                             Run.  Until   unselves  and
                 dry  on  droughts  like  cinders     aside
                                          where rivers  tear  from  faith with their banks.
       Off  dreigh  and  over
               — roads bare and barely  road —
                             signposts  pitch visions and  shrines
                                                                             wait  shrugging
                                                               in  months of dusk
                                                                             is   how   we