Alice Plays Life-Size Chinese Checkers
Alyse Knorr

I’m better at this version because the hours it takes to roll the boulders gives you a lot of time to think over your moves. Or imagine even bigger games: whole planets rolling around jumping and capturing others. The earth clacking into a bright yellow orb, then settling into an earth-sized wooden groove. Planning the next move and the next.

I once read about a tribe that used these enormous stone statues for money. They’d carve these big, quartz disks and roll them around—the bigger the stone, the more it was worth. Took twenty men sometimes to move one. Then one day someone dropped one off their boat into the ocean, and it sunk. But the tribesmen still kept that stone in currency—bartered with it even at the bottom of the sea. They’ll probably find it soon with one of those Titanic subs. Bring it up and return it, less brilliant than it was.