Editor’s Note


Jennifer Genest, Ways to Prepare White Perch — Winner of the 2014 Ryan R. Gibbs Award for Short Fiction
J. Robert Lennon, Five Stories
Keija Parssinen, The Caulbearer
Nathan BlakeThe Magic Word
Danny Thiemann, Pac-Man on the Southern Border


Emily Goodman Means, from Appetitus
Alicia Wright, Years Later I Buy Two of Your Paintings
Charles Gabelfrom Invent a Dream Where You Appear as a Poet
Chen Chen, Antarctica
Annie Won, Origins
Mia Ayumi Malhotra, Notes on the Book of Jonah
Leah Poole Osowski, when you swallowed a town
Liz Robbins, I Am Aileen Wuornos
Clay Cantrell, Interview with the Wraith’s Sister
Emily Vizzo, Motion Makes Me
Gabrielle Burton, Head Injury
Peter Twal, It’s the Memory of Our Betters


Aimée Baker, This Monstrous Heart
Emily Arnason Casey, On Nostalgia

ReviEWS/ Interviews

Dylan Krieger, Bridging Divides & Transgressing Boundaries in Morani Kornberg-Weiss’s Dear Darwish
Muriel Leung, A Conversation with Molly Gaudry
Katie Boland, Why Not Laugh? John Warner’s Experiments with Form
Michael Rands, Jack Livings’ The Dog


Zhangbolong Liu, Traces — Winner of the 2014 Ryan R. Gibbs Award for Photography