The morning of the party I realize I’m living a life that isn’t starting. I reach deep within myself and pull out something slimy but no seeds. It is not much to work with. While brushing I grow a new row of teeth. These were backseat teeth, exclusively for passengers. I was afraid of them. They must have been waiting in my skull because teeth drop from above. I was scared of what I contained within myself that I wasn’t aware of. They teach you all about bodily development in school. After puberty, you think you’re done with it but your body keeps changing. Incrementally, so when you finally notice it feels sudden. They don’t warn you about so many things. Life coming at you in the form of bad surprises. I don’t even like surprises if they’re good, said Aaron, to the room full of friends wearing Sponge Bob party hats.




Laurel Shimasaki lives in New Orleans. Her work appears in Catapult, Hobart, Jellyfish Review, Queen Mob’s Tea House, Maudlin House, and elsewhere.