Undying Apparel is a collaborative project between Never Angeline Nørth, Døgtail Nørth and occasionally other designers. It began with Never using print-on-demand to make merchandise to support her books (initially, her Sea-Witch series) and then went on to become an experiment in exploring the intersection between fashion, visual art and poetry. The sensibilities of Undying Apparel very much come from online communities of trans artists, writers and sex workers of which Døgtail and Never are both members. The models you see here are members of one or more of those communities. All shirts are designed by Never Angeline Nørth except TRANS RITUAL SEA-WITCH design (with people dancing around the fire), which features lettering by Danielle Lee Pearce and art by Julia Gfrörer. You can see all our designs and purchase them at



























Never Angeline Nørth is a writer, artist, occasional tattooist and sex worker. She is author of the books Sea-Witch, Careful Mountain and Sara or the Existence of Fire. She lives in Olympia, WA with her wife Døgtail.  

CUM MINES shirt is modeled by Ada Rook.

TRASHBAG OF ROSES shirt is modeled by M Margo.