TV Girls
42 pages. 5″ x 7″. August, 2018. NDR. $10.
Design and layout by Charles Champagne.

The winner of our 7th Annual Chapbook Contest, Dana Diehl’s TV Girls is at once a celebration and interrogation of reality television and its conventions, going beyond the pristine d├ęcor of The Fantasy Suite and into the mess of reality at its realest. In high-definition prose, Diehl takes a genre often known for exploitative nature and makes it the locus of an exercise in radical empathy. Chen Chen, the judge of this year’s contest, writes of TV Girls: “Story after story, Diehl discovers fraught vulnerabilities and startling truths in the lives of girls and women confronting the expectations of TV, lovers, family, and one another.” For a sneak peak, check out the title story, which was re-published in our latest issue. The book is scheduled to launch on August 14 and is now available for pre-order.

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