This collaborative work between ceramic artist Kaley Flowers and visual artist and producer Carson Teal attempts to push the boundaries of traditional ceramic craft through the integration of contemporary digital technologies. Together they approach themes focusing on ecology, distortion, time, animism, nature and human intervention.







Kaley Flowers is a ceramic artist currently working as an Artist-in-Residence in Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. Digital culture, online trends and early-Net ephemera are some of the influences in her work. She explores her ideas through a mythology of characters and “cyber artifacts”, in attempts to solidify the virtual imagery of our past and present into tangible objects. Interested in the intrinsic narratives of material, her work utilizes clay with both historical and contemporary references, creating work that looks deeper into our relationships with technology, each other, and the objects around us. Kaley has exhibited internationally and across Canada in galleries such as Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, The Hole in NYC and Dunlop gallery in Regina.

Carson Teal is a Canadian emerging multidisciplinary visual artist and experimental producer represented by Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto, Canada. Teal is known for his eloquent use of visuals and audio, creating environments that transcend the confines of physical space. He interlaces rich soundscapes with elements of video projection mapping over assembled and found objects to create immersive and mesmerizing atmospheres. Teal’s multi-disciplinary practice creates and opportunity to be fully present in the moment, where the memory of the piece or performance can be recalled with a myriad of senses.