Misato Suzuki is a painter and designer whose work integrates nature and culture, threading together contemporary life and the living world. Misato was born in Aomori, a city in the northernmost part of Japan. Her work is influenced by her time spent there, near the ocean and surrounded by forest, and green everywhere. She currently lives and works in Southern California, where that landscape and culture have entered her paintings, drawings and designs. Her delicate, abstract style integrates organic forms with recognizable shapes, ranging from silhouettes to umbrellas. She pulls inspiration from the vibrancy of her surroundings as well as from her Japanese cultural background. Her paintings have been featured in galleries worldwide, including in solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and Japan. Her designs have been commissioned by Ruby Republic, Girl Skateboards, Irony, Element and The Quiet Life for editions of artwork on clothing. You can find her work on her website, alittlepainter.com, and on Instagram @canvas.misato.