I wanted to create a dialogue with myself using two similar images. The image on the left represents the past. I chose to cover my entire body with the plastic, much like the past we allow to overshadow who we are in the present. On the right side the future is represented with the figure barely peeking out. Often times I find myself fearful of the future and more comfortable in memories of the past, because at least I know what happened and can process it. The two sides meet in the middle where the present is represented by a thin and almost insignificant line. The present is something I struggle with. I don’t feel I belong in my current state; my mind is always in the past and my body gets me through the present, but mentally I am far away. Impossibilities is one of if not the only piece where I have used two figures to represent the past, present, and future. Most of my pieces are about the past and processing them in the present.*

*From an interview between Meghan Saas and Katherine Vasquez-Kucek. Katherine’s full interview will be posted on the NDR blog this summer.




Katherine Vasquez-Kucek is a fine artist living in Montrose-Houston, Texas. She attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting in 2013. She is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate at Houston Baptist University and will graduate in May 2017. Katherine has shown her work around Texas and will have her thesis exhibition in April 2017. After graduation she hopes to continue her own studio practice as well as teach. When she is not painting you will find her reading and visiting local bookstores as well as writing. Find her online on Instagram