Tear it up, Son!
Ross Nugent

“Tear it up, Son!”, S-16mm on HD, stereo, 9 min, 2011.
Picture/Edit/Sound: Ross Nugent

Backwoods ballyhoo straddling the Ahiah/Pennsyltucky border, sanctioned by $10 and a sign-yer-life-away waiver. Attended by up to 10,000 motherlovers some Fridays, this is Yankee Lake Truck Night. Yours truly was able to slip into the muck with a camera and nary a “whatcha shooting?”. Yes, a simple thumbs-up for mudslinging hot-dawgers passing by my rig, or my own intonation, “where ya from?” (to wit: OH, PA, NY, TN, KY, WV, MI) was enough to keep me rolling… (RN)